Onryō is a Butoh infused performance piece performed at WalkUpArts "Night of Fear" fundraising Halloween event by Will Atkins. (https://walkupontheweb.wordpress.com/) This piece is inspired by the Halloween season and "Night of Fear" event, music from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Japenese folklore creatures called onryōs; spirits who return to enact revenge for wrongs done to them in life. Music mixed by Will Atkins: Tiny Tim's "Welcome to My Dream", The main theme from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Joseph Bishara's "geometric branding," & "now try to go to sleep," "Ebb" by Julia Kent, and "Three little devils" from Trash Humpers. will.t.atkins@gmail.com
Howl! Happening in association with The New York Butoh Institute and Vangeline Theater presents Queer Butoh 2017, a free three-hour evening of site-specific Butoh performances with three LGBT/Q Butoh artists from San Francisco, Chicago and New York: Angela Newsham, Holly Chernobyl, and Will Atkins. October 19, 2017 at Howl!
Created by Sophie Amieva Performed by Sophie Amieva and Will Atkins Costume by Katerina Marcelja Animation video by Tatie Nguyen Video Collage by Magin Schantz The New York Butoh Institute Festival 2018 It all started with the story of Medusa: a young maiden is turned into a monster as punishment for being raped by Poseidon.